The Notebook.

I love a good Sunday night TV movie. There's nothing better than sitting down on that last day of the week and having a great movie take you somewhere completely elsewhere. Last night I was treated with the airing of The Notebook. It has been said, and I strongly agree, to be one of the best love stories of our time. I'll never forget the first time I saw it... I cried so hard that when we left the matinee the sun actually hurt my eyes upon exiting the theater!

And frankly, I never want to forget that feeling. And that's exactly why I never bought The Notebook - I would have watched it so much by now that I fear it could have lost some of the edge that rushed over me last night. It's just a budding emotion that I strive to live up to everyday. It most certainly does not always happen - but I believe life has it's subtle ways of showing you it cares and that there is much love in this world, and we can all have that great love in our lives, if we only let it... and The Notebook was such a fantastic reminder last night.

Perhaps a little "I'll be seeing you" for dinner music at our wedding? I'm thinking yes...

And I have a feeling author Nicholas Sparks may have done it again with the soon-to-be-released, DEAR JOHN. Cannot wait! I've loved the trailer song, 'Set the fire to the third bar' since Snow Patrol put out their 'Eyes Open' cd in 2006.

Bridal District.

Thanks to the much talented Amy Mayhew, with The Holly Express, we were able to showcase the many vendors that Downtown Holly has to offer Brides! {{Read the article here}}

Here's a quick list of vendors along side Something Blue Bridal Boutique;
Kel Leigh Coale Photography & Design - Photos & Custom Invites
The Holly Candle Shoppe - Bridal Favors
Ethos Yoga - Toning and De-stressing for the Big Day
Elements Day Spa - Pre-wedding & Day-of pampering
The Holly Hotel - Catering, Rehearsals & Receptions
Garden Park - UniqueAlign Left Ceremony Location


For better or worse.

Exactly 100 days till I make that commitment...

....grow with me, the best is yet to be!