[behind the seams] something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

Did you know we have an "on-site" seamstress!? I quote on-site...as really - she's just around the corner.

Reisa is a local to Holly and has been sewing out of her home under the clever name 'Sew What' for over 30 years! From the moment she came into the boutique to introduce herself I knew that she was going to be the key to making "the one".....yours!

All the time we get, "can this be made sweet-heart?", "how will this be bustled?", "can we add a personal touch?"...and the answer is always, "YES!"

I even put Reisa to the test with my own bridal gown! About a month before the wedding I decided that I wanted to wear a bolero. {I spent a lot of time on Etsy & Ebay trying to find a bolero that by chance might match my gown... but what matches better than actual fabric from the gown!?}

So off went the train!

It was tedious work that I even had to get in on... just by taking off the appliqu├ęs around the bottom of the gown - I now know why wedding gowns cost what they do! I can only imagine taking it apart is easier than putting it together - and it was hours and hours of taking it apart for Reisa to make it the dress it is today!

Here is the stock photo of what my gown looked like before - and then after with no train and my bolero!*
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So if a dress is ever a little too long for your liking, not poofy enough, not shapely enough... you name it, Reisa can do it! And not only on the gowns you bought from Something Blue, but outside gowns as well!

Call for appointment and you will be able to meet Reisa in the comforts of our Bridal Boutique!

Reisa working on our most recent bride to make it down the isle!

[Just married this past weekend! Congrats Erin & Eric!]
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*Our wedding photography by: Kel Leigh Coale Photography & Design

[chalk love] something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

If there's one thing I love, it's finding great inspiration and actually taking the time to apply it to my world. Much too often I see inspiration and think...."Oh, I'll do that....someday!"

And I make things hard on myself by following blogs that are chalk full of great inspiration!

I saw a post a few months back from a design company that I originally started following because she had great personal style... you know, the women that blog daily about what they wear and their cute accessories!? {Another 'someday' for me.}

She had moved homes and needed to re-create her in-home office space and decided to do one whole wall in the chalkboard paint for endless inspiration to be posted! However, she took it a step farther...

She had wanted a personal quote towards the top of wall that she likes to live ad work by.... and of course she couldn't just hand write it....

Following her simple steps I applied her same ideas to my new chalkboard wall. She did go on to show how there is a huge difference between using regular chalk and 'Chalk Ink'....so as I patiently wait for my chalk ink to come in, here's what I accomplished with regular chalk....

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.....stay tuned for updated version with the chalk ink!

[money tree] something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

Who doesn't love an unexpected gift!?

Much thanks to Kel Leigh who brought in this little money tree for me yesterday!

She had one in the studio and it brought her much luck....and here's hoping it brings all the same for Something Blue!

Thanks Kel!
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[on hold] something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

This weekend my cousin Callie surprised me with being in the area and asking me to lunch with her and her little brother, AJ!

Let's just say lunch was entertaining - and delicious, thanks to Bittersweet Cafe in Downtown Holly!

And what better to do on a rainy day then try on wedding dresses!? It's quite possible that Callie could be one of our live mannequins in our upcoming mini bridal show, so we started narrowing down the selection! Which in Callie's case is next to impossible - she looks fabulous in EVERYTHING! I don't know how we'll choose just one!

AJ found an ivory ring bearer tux that he was infatuated with.... let's just say he put it on hold!
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[can't stop painting!] something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

We still have yet to finish the second half of our 'wisp of mauve' project... but today I turned my attention to our new chalkboard wall! With a small open space by the front entrance I figured it would be a great place to announce upcoming events, [such as Hitched in Holly!] specials and great vendors! It suggests that you wait 4 days for the chalkboard paint to "cure"...so I figured the sooner I painted the sooner I'd be able to decorate it up! I have a feeling I'll be coming up with all kinds of nifty stuff to tell yas!

Tomorrow's project: a framed section of photos to dress up the entry way! [Of course they are fabulous pictures from Kel Leigh Coale Photography & Design of our wedding day!]

And I'll also fill you in on our new OPEN sign that we have partially started - sent it off to Colleen at Memory Makers to put the vinyl on it! Can't wait to show it off!

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[horse of a different color] something blue bridal boutique, holly mi

This Labor Day we turned our 'doing dials up a notch'...as Home Depot likes to say! My husband helped me pick out paint and all the fixings to start transforming the boutique!

I LOVED the hot pink wall that Kel Leigh had... I really did! It was vibrant and fun and got a lot of compliments!! However, I just have had this serene and shabby vision for the boutique since day one...and what better day to do it than on a cool and windy Labor Day!?

We got half way through the wall space that we want to cover with the 'Wisp of Mauve'...stay tuned for the full finished product!!
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[gleeful glamour] something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

When ordering the new gowns from Alfred Angelo I couldn't help but keep Lea Michele's Emmy gown in mind! I thought she looked so gorgeous in her ruched gown...the mermaid flare was flawless as she worked the red carpet! I think this Alfred Angelo gown [style 2118] is a perfect match if you are trying to re-create her style!

If you love it you should schedule your appointment for about 2 weeks out so you can be one of the first to try it on when the new gowns arrive!

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Hitched In Holly

"The only thing we can count on in life is change"... a favorite saying of one of my Grandmothers, or as my Dad likes to say "If your business isn't changing, it's dying." I don't think I've ever had to stand by these words or live up to them as much as I have this past year.

Sometimes the lines get blurred on when I actually started Something Blue... Kel Leigh let me have a Homecoming Dress Sale in her studio on September 19th of last year...and then I had my Grand Opening in November during Downtown Holly's Ladies Night Out...so it's kinda been a year you could say...but for some reason November just feels more official. And with another Ladies Night Out coming up this November - I say let's celebrate!

So, how are we going to celebrate you ask!? Well...how 'bout with a FREE Bridal Show! It's not as if there's not already hundreds of ladies Downtown during a Ladies Night Out in Holly {almost 400 ladies in May - among the sleet & rain!} ...so why not add a few Brides to the mix!?

Join us for 'Hitched in Holly', a mini bridal show inside Something Blue that night!

Our main feature will be LIVE MANNEQUINS in our new line from Alfred Angelo! You heard me!! We will now be carrying a small line from Alfred Angelo! It's just the natural progression of the boutique and we're excited to bring you 10 brand new gowns to choose from! We will have 2 or 3 special ladies dressed to the 9 and posing live in our boutique windows as the ladies pass by! {How fun is that!?}

Also that night 'Rock the Booth' will be participating with us! They have offered to set up shop in our boutique to bring you a fun little take away from the night! Brides & guests will be happy to experience Rock the Booth as great entertainment and favor option for their wedding receptions!

AND, Brides-to-Be & Current Brides {brides of Something Blue that have not had their wedding date or alterations done to their gown as of Novemeber 12th} Can enter to win $250 towards a new gown purchase or towards alterations and jewelry!
*Must enter in person the night of event.

We have a couple more vendors in the works and will notify you as soon as they are for sure locked down!

Okay...okay....enough with the Bridal Show...I'm sure you want to know what gowns we will be getting in! So wait no more...

The 8 pictures grouped here at the top should be here in a matter of weeks!!

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And these bottom two {quickly taken with my phone's camera} should be here by the end of the year from Alfred Angelo's 2011 line!

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Trust us... there's more where this came from! Stay tuned for all the details!

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rock & roll.

As I sit back by my newly acquired hot pink wall, I can't help but wonder what inspiration is out there for hot pink wedding themes!

This little number caught my eye on Snippet & Ink

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