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Did you know we have an "on-site" seamstress!? I quote on-site...as really - she's just around the corner.

Reisa is a local to Holly and has been sewing out of her home under the clever name 'Sew What' for over 30 years! From the moment she came into the boutique to introduce herself I knew that she was going to be the key to making "the one".....yours!

All the time we get, "can this be made sweet-heart?", "how will this be bustled?", "can we add a personal touch?"...and the answer is always, "YES!"

I even put Reisa to the test with my own bridal gown! About a month before the wedding I decided that I wanted to wear a bolero. {I spent a lot of time on Etsy & Ebay trying to find a bolero that by chance might match my gown... but what matches better than actual fabric from the gown!?}

So off went the train!

It was tedious work that I even had to get in on... just by taking off the appliqu├ęs around the bottom of the gown - I now know why wedding gowns cost what they do! I can only imagine taking it apart is easier than putting it together - and it was hours and hours of taking it apart for Reisa to make it the dress it is today!

Here is the stock photo of what my gown looked like before - and then after with no train and my bolero!*
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So if a dress is ever a little too long for your liking, not poofy enough, not shapely enough... you name it, Reisa can do it! And not only on the gowns you bought from Something Blue, but outside gowns as well!

Call for appointment and you will be able to meet Reisa in the comforts of our Bridal Boutique!

Reisa working on our most recent bride to make it down the isle!

[Just married this past weekend! Congrats Erin & Eric!]
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*Our wedding photography by: Kel Leigh Coale Photography & Design

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