[horse of a different color] something blue bridal boutique, holly mi

This Labor Day we turned our 'doing dials up a notch'...as Home Depot likes to say! My husband helped me pick out paint and all the fixings to start transforming the boutique!

I LOVED the hot pink wall that Kel Leigh had... I really did! It was vibrant and fun and got a lot of compliments!! However, I just have had this serene and shabby vision for the boutique since day one...and what better day to do it than on a cool and windy Labor Day!?

We got half way through the wall space that we want to cover with the 'Wisp of Mauve'...stay tuned for the full finished product!!
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  1. wasn't the chalkboard paint a great idea? can't wait to try out my pieces and i so can't wait for the back to get finished, so many ideas.......patience. patience. patience.