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If there's one thing I love, it's finding great inspiration and actually taking the time to apply it to my world. Much too often I see inspiration and think...."Oh, I'll do that....someday!"

And I make things hard on myself by following blogs that are chalk full of great inspiration!

I saw a post a few months back from a design company that I originally started following because she had great personal style... you know, the women that blog daily about what they wear and their cute accessories!? {Another 'someday' for me.}

She had moved homes and needed to re-create her in-home office space and decided to do one whole wall in the chalkboard paint for endless inspiration to be posted! However, she took it a step farther...

She had wanted a personal quote towards the top of wall that she likes to live ad work by.... and of course she couldn't just hand write it....

Following her simple steps I applied her same ideas to my new chalkboard wall. She did go on to show how there is a huge difference between using regular chalk and 'Chalk Ink'....so as I patiently wait for my chalk ink to come in, here's what I accomplished with regular chalk....

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.....stay tuned for updated version with the chalk ink!

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