Sweet Disposition | Something Blue Bridal Boutique, Holly MI

This past weekend Mike & celebrated our first wedding anniversary. 
We saw it as a good excuse to escape back to where we got married, The Royal Park Hotel. 

No sooner than we checked in, a bride came around the corner - 
on her way to the conservatory, where we were married. 

My first instinct was to size up the dress. {I can't help myself.}
But of course, she was gorgeous. 

I remembered what she must be feeling. 
Oh, the nerves. 

And then the elevator doors closed & we were on our way up to our room, 
soon to find out that our view overlooked the conservatory & that we would also get to witness their wedding. 

I believe I was just as excited as every member in that room as they stood up & turned around to see the bride. 

It was a great way to relive the emotions & strides we took that day. 
Romantic indeed. 

I could go on about how Mike's my best friend & there's no one I rather have gone through this last year with. 
But I'm pretty sure you're all well aware. 

So I'll leave you instead with Ellie Goulding's cover of one of my favorite songs by The Temper Trap, Sweet Disposition

" . . . a moment, a love, a dream aloud . . . . and we won't stop until it's over . . . "


peach & teal | something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

I've recently been mad about peach & teal . . . . I saw it on a kitchen set once & have been in love with it ever since. And funny since I don't usually go for too much color . . . and of course I'm not talking a bright peach or a vibrant teal . . . I'm thinking a dustier peach & more vintage teal . . . perhaps like the elements in this Inspiration Board by Wedding Nouveau

I have this weird feeling about peach becoming a wildly popular bridal color again! {It made a pretty popular run in the 80s . . .}


rockin' bride | something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

I had to do a double take when I saw a post on the Rock & Roll Bride blog today! 
The gown featured was a style that I had once had in the boutique - love how this Bride made it rockin!

                                                                                                                                   {See full post here}

This is how the gown came stock . . . Can't wait to see how our Bride, Corie, looks in her dress once she gets alterations! 

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