{Wednesday Wedding Inspiration} "Something Blue" {Something Blue Bridal Boutique, Holly MI}

Of course, with my my business being named 'Something Blue'... I have to have a strong 'something blue' for our wedding! We thought about making our custom candle favors {from The Holly Candle Shoppe - next door to the Bridal Boutique}... blue, but they just look so darn cute in light pink! And then, as I was searching around the Internet for endless wedding inspiration, I came across some very fashionable wedding photography with classic cars... and then it hit me! I hail from 'car people'...AND my father has a teal Plymouth Newport, one he saved from the junk yard back in the day. It's not a show stopper... but it's got character beyond belief...and it's BLUE! I think it will be the perfect way to incorporate some great shots {that even my father will appreciate!} and our something blue!
I continued to search 'bride & groom wedding photography with car' to give us some inspiration come wedding day! Here's what I found:

{Tuesdays with Vendors} Arbie Goodfellow {Something Blue Bridal Boutique, Holly MI}

I was fortunate enough to have local artist, Abrie Goodfellow, come to Something Blue and show us her amazing talent! Arbie handcrafts gorgeous hair accessories and jewelry for brides...{hair piece shown above} We're very excited to refer her work and we look forward to carrying more of Arbie's products in the future! Here's a little bit about her....

Born and raised in Michigan, Arbie Goodfellow started designing and beading her own costumes while training as a competitive figure skater. After coaching for many years, Arbie decided to use her creativity and beading skills to design and develop a Couture line of neckwear and earrings. Each piece is skillfully hand beaded by Arbie herself, using only the finest European ribbons and Swarvoski elements for her "Special Occasion Collection".

While traveling throughout Europe, Arbie enjoys handpicking all the ribbons and embellishments. From London's famous Portobello Road to Parisian markets, you will find Arbie there scouring for the perfect Vintage bauble and Frippery for her "Everyday Finery Collection". Arbie's true passion for romance, history, and sparkle, she comments, "Why not both look and feel like Royalty".

To discuss custom orders or inquires about wholesale for either the "Special Occasion Collection" or "Everyday Finery Collection", contact Arbie directly at 248.924.1785 www.arbiegoodfellow.com Search 'arbie goodfellow' on Facebook to become a Fan!

Stop into Something Blue to see a small collection of Arbie's Bird Cage Veils and Feather & Flower Hair Accessories!

Heavenly Shower. {Something Blue Bridal Boutique, Holly MI}

I owe my friend Samantha credit for the location; Heavenly Scent Herb Farm in Fenton, Michigan! She had her bridal shower there {under the outdoor gazebo near a flowing waterfall} and had originally turned me on to the always gorgeous, always calming serenity the location brings. Even though I had unfortunately missed her shower, the pictures were gorgeous and I found myself frequenting the farm often! It was on another occasion with Sam, after a long lunch of wine and flat bread sandwiches at The French Laundry, that we visited Heavenly Scent and snuck down to the basement - it was just then I began to envision my shower there! Exposed tree beams, stained glass, big fireplace hearth, and cozy to no end...
And that's pretty much where I left off...{a location with natural beauty}...and my friend Kel Leigh picked up! She was so gracious to let me borrow her many vases and floral design skills to help complete the look! And not only is she great at helping put on an event...she captured these gorgeous pictures as well!