{Wednesday Wedding Inspiration} "Something Blue" {Something Blue Bridal Boutique, Holly MI}

Of course, with my my business being named 'Something Blue'... I have to have a strong 'something blue' for our wedding! We thought about making our custom candle favors {from The Holly Candle Shoppe - next door to the Bridal Boutique}... blue, but they just look so darn cute in light pink! And then, as I was searching around the Internet for endless wedding inspiration, I came across some very fashionable wedding photography with classic cars... and then it hit me! I hail from 'car people'...AND my father has a teal Plymouth Newport, one he saved from the junk yard back in the day. It's not a show stopper... but it's got character beyond belief...and it's BLUE! I think it will be the perfect way to incorporate some great shots {that even my father will appreciate!} and our something blue!
I continued to search 'bride & groom wedding photography with car' to give us some inspiration come wedding day! Here's what I found:

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