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To all our Brides from 2010 - we hope you have a wonderful first New Years Eve with your lovers tonight - and to all our 2011 Brides we wish you a happy start to one of the best years of your life!

To all our faithful followers ~ we wish you the same! You have all been so devoted in sending your friends in to the boutique & suggesting our fan page - we appreciate you more than you know! Have the happiest!

Love Nicole

[See T H I S post for a little list of our holiday thank yous!]

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I'm a GMA addict. It's mainly the only thing I watch in the morning while getting ready . . . and good thing I do, otherwise I might not have picked up on this little trick . . . perfect for wedding finishing touches!!

They had featured a party planner {he plans inaugurations & presidents daughters weddings} to help with last minute New Years Eve tips . . . and this one stuck with me . . . . 

Using sugar in bowls to display everything from table numbers to cocktail menus! 

I happened to have a few empty vases & the table numbers from our wedding {which are house numbers - which we thought would be cool to use on a future home . . . we had laid them on the tables, but wish I would have known about this sugar technique sooner!} 

I also used this method for a few of my jewelry displays as well - the sugar in tea light holders gives me a great base to prop up the accessories!  

. . . here's how it turned out . . . 

The possibilities are endless!

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As we prepare to say good-bye to 2010, I look forward to what 2011 will hold for weddings . . .

{I've listed a few of the trends that will power on & pave the way through 2011!} 

~ Ruffles hang on as the go-getter in wedding gown styles, off the shoulder will be queen, and lace will still be big {as vintage remains influential in the bridal world.} Three dimensional & tulle speak volumes to the romantic visions Brides dream of! 

~ Dramatic Veils! We will soon have cathedral length veils in stock as we predict that Brides will be going for more statement pieces!  

~ It will be a defining year for photography in 2011 . . . Brides are begining to understand that the cheapest photography doesn't always mean the best photography. And of course, nothing says fresh like old-style photography! 

~ As the Friday evening wedding became popular in 2010 for being cost-effective, venues are catching on and raising prices accordingly. Look for day weddings & brunches to be the new alternative! 

~ Wedding cakes get more texture & move away from colored fondant. However, color looses no ground when it comes to shoes! Don't be afraid to dye them something funky! 

~ Local is chic. Brides are looking to stay close to home & keep it intimate. Natural settings work perfect for this style wedding - an old blue barn, garden location, or conservatory fit the bill!  

~ Eco & DIY still reign supreme, with family heirlooms making themselves a very important wedding accessory! 

I was scouring the internet to make my own inspiration board & then came across this little beauty [below] that pretty much sums up what I was going for . . . Dramatic veil, white cake with textured flowers, do-it-yourself place cards, heirloom handkerchief . . . and shows both a lacy traditional gown & a modern layered tulle gown! . . . and you know how I l.o.v.e. grey on a bridesmaid!

                           {Not sure why they threw the bed picture in there . . . but doesn't it look lovely about now!?}
                                      {inspiration board was found H E R E}

I hope yours is a happy one! 

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Today is the 54th anniversary of my grandparents, Bill & Donna Lou Saunders!

Luckily I have a picture of their wedding day to share with you!

Mike & I were lucky enough to both have all of our Grandparents attend our wedding! In tribute to them we gathered up all their wedding pictures & placed them as you walked into our ceremony & then moved them to a table as you enjoyed cocktails & walked into our ball room! 

The photos of our grandparents weddings now reside on the shelf beside my desk at the boutique!

Happy 54th Grandma & Grandpa!! 
You know that you & the examples of your marriage mean the world to us! 

here is how we displayed all the pictures outside our reception room! photo copyright coale design co. 

[Thanks Aunt Shannon for the reminder . . . gotta love Facebook!]

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A little eye candy for a cold Tuesday . . . It's Dior & it's Blue! 

seeing red | something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

I wonder if it ever be possible to know exactly how many shades of red lipsticks there are out there!? 

I wouldn't particularly know . . . I'm not a red lipstick wearin' kinda girl! Do I wish I could pull it off? 
Heck yes! . . . . . . Maybe that will be a 2011 thing for me to try - to see a little red in my life!

While I may not be anyones inspiration for picking out a fresh shade of rouge - you can't deny that Anne Hathaway & Gwen Stafani have always worn it well {first & third picture} There's something about the magnetic attention it demands . . . and how lovely of an accent on a Bride!!?

Let this little inspiration board I made up for you to be the hand that grabs a little red tube next time you find yourself in the beauty isle! Whether it be sultry, deep, siren, or classic red . . . Go for it!

Someone I know that's not accustom to wearing red lipstick . . . my cousin Callie {on the far right below} . . . You could never tell that it's not a color she wears often or that Laura {from POSH Hair & Make-Up Studio} gave her a fabulous new lip line to follow! 

Since being a live mannequin at our Bridal Show - Callie's picked up her own little lipstick in red!
Sometimes you just have to try it!


I tried red lipstick for New Years Eve!!! 
I bought Rimmel brand {a little cheaper, just in case I didn't like it} in Temptation, Rouge a' Levres 166

happy holidays! | something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

I certainly didn't get through this year on my own, and I've been meaning to do a round of thank yous ever since our anniversary in November . . .

First and foremost - our Brides! They are exquisite in their search for finding 'the dress' . . . and we're so glad that they can find that in Something Blue! We look forward to collecting more pictures & testimonials from our now married Brides & hope the best for all the upcoming weddings of our Brides in 2011! We wouldn't be here if it weren't for all of you . . . and we thank you for that!

I also have to thank my now suite-mate {Kel Leigh of Coale Design Co.} for allowing us to take over the full space at Two Fifteen [A] and letting us share in the process of creating a new space for yourself along with all the day-to-day adventures of being women in our own businesses!

With our dresses & her photography & design skills . . . how can a Bride go wrong!?

My husband. My loving, devoted, sweet husband. Up for anything . . . and all my long talks about the ongoings of appointments & future plans. You have been the ultimate support for letting me go out on a whim and chase after dreams!

Our family & friends - for the business talks, custom racks & painting, and the encouragement to keep it up! A support network is crucial in any young business and I'm so glad that we have family & friends that are willing to pop in for support of an event, see new changes, model in the front windows, change out all the hangers . . . it all means so very much!

And to all our vendors that help keep our racks filled with gorgeous gowns & beautiful accessories - thank you for entrusting me with your goods in hopes of them finding 'their bride!'

Thank you for this wonderful year of firsts & I can't wait to see what a whirlwind 2011 is!


Love, Nicole

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If you've been following us on Facebook you might have noticed some recent announcements here & there.

Here's a full list of our updates & changes, along with some of our new inventory you might have missed!

First and foremost - Our ultimate goal is to be all about the Bride! We now have almost 150 gowns in stock between off-the-rack sample & new order-able gowns! We also have a small selection of jewelry, hair accessories, & veils - which we look forward to expanding on in the new year. We will also have a limited line of shoes by NINA on display come Spring! Looking forward to dressing you from head-to-toe!

In effort to continue to be all about the Bride, we are only keeping the off-the-rack formal gowns on display through the end of Prom season. [We need to make room for all the Bridal Gowns!] So if you know anyone that will need a formal gown for a New Years party, winter school dance or prom - have them make an appointment to come in!

We will be discontinuing taking in any consignment bridal gowns effective immediately. While we find this to be a nice alternative for Brides, the gowns that have been presented to us are just not up to par with the rest of our inventory. {The only exceptions will be for never worn gowns or for Brides that have bought there gowns from Something Blue, must schedule an appointment to bring in gown}

We are also in talks with a couple different Bridesmaids companies to help build our Maids selection!

On the phone; The Dessy Group, Bill Levkoff & Alexia Designs!

Our current Maids gown company, Forever Yours, has come out with some beautiful new gowns for the Spring 2011 season - be sure to take a peak! They have also introduced matching men's ties & hair flowers! What a fun accessory for your Bridesmaids!
Available in two sizes; 3" {$15} & 5" {$20}

In effort to be more accommodating as we head into 'engagement season' - we are making ourselves available  7 days a week! Gowns will still be shown by appointment only. {We might not necessarily be here all day everyday - but if you schedule an appointment we will be!} Appointments now include a glass of bubbly!

Also, be sure to check out the new tabs at the top of this blog page {below Something Blue logo} for more information . . . kinda makes the blog more website-esque! 

If I'm forgetting anything I will update this post & let you know!

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We revealed a few posts ago that Pantone announced their color of 2011: Honeysuckle

Here's a little inspiration board that I put together of Honeysuckle Inspired Hues!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The wedding gown pictured is Alfred Angelo style 2049, which we have a sample of in our boutique and the bottom right picture is a Forever Yours bridesmaid gown in Watermelon, style 711105. The hair accessory pictured is a one-of-a-kind hair piece that is also in our boutique!

stock photos | something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

Here's two stock photos of the gowns from the 2011 Alfred Angelo Spring Collection that we have in our boutique!

[Style 2167 & 2170]

Style 2167 came in just last week and I love it WAY more in person! And how beautiful is style 2170!?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Stay tuned for more photos as soon as they put up pictures from their Sapphire Collection!

ray of sunshine | something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

As you may know, we offer Forever Yours maids gowns here at Something Blue! I really liked their true-to-life sizing, color range, and modern styles. And while we only have about 20 Forever Yours sample gowns in the boutique so far, don't let that limit you!

We have enough styles in the store so that you can try on something similar to a style you might see in their catalog or on their website. [www.foreverbridals.com]

We don't have either of these gowns in our boutique, but our newest Bride, Michelle, her bridesmaids and myself are in love with the gowns they picked out and know they will look just as fabulous in person!

It's very traditional that the Maid of Honor may wear a gown slightly different from the rest of the Bridesmaids, as in the case of Michelle's girls. Her Maid of Honor will the gown on the right, while the rest of the girls will wear the gown on the left. They will all be in the same color & fabric . . . and I LOVE that both gowns have pockets!

Let me tell you how nice it is to throw your camera in one pocket, lip gloss in the other & be able to be hands free on the dance floor without sacrificing a touch-up or photo op! 
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I think the gowns will go great together and will be vibrant & fun in their color choice: SUNSHINE 
{see color chart below} 
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And speaking of colors . . . the 2011 color of the year?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Check out Pantone's color of the year article H E R E . . . And while we don't have an exact color called Honeysuckle - we do have close options! I would say that Rose,Watermelon, or Lipstick and couple others  would be a great fit! I know a couple of our Brides with May/June weddings were looking at Watermelon & Rose . . . those Fashionistas! 

secret something blue | something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

Want a fun way to incorporate 'something blue' into your wedding!? 


A dainty blue bow sewn discreetly to the underskirt of your wedding dress is a charming way to honor an age-old tradition! Choose any pretty blue ribbon you like and have it sewn to the inner layers of your gown or undergarments. 

It'll be your little secret! 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Something Blue that's hidden from view! Soon available at Something Blue Bridal Boutique with our seamstress . . . . We'll have a selection of blue ribbon for you to choose from! 

Won't that make such a great picture!?!

last one | something blue bridal boutique, holly michigan

Finally, the last gown in our Alfred Angelo stock order has arrived! YAY!

{Style 2167} Tulle over Satin, Re-embroidered Lace, Metallic Embroidery, Crystal Beading with Rhinestones & Pearls, Optional Spaghetti Straps Included, Chapel Length Train

Available in White or Ivory, Sizes 0-18 & 16w-30w

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Isn't she a beauty!?
Order yours brand new for only $1049!
{$200 off or 30% off - whichever is greater - thru the New Year!}

in love | something blue bridal boutique . holly, michigan

While this gown was not on my original stock order from Alfred Angelo, everytime I opened the catalog I would pass this dress and think, 'Shoot! I should have gotten that dress!' ... And the next thing I know, I find a lady who was selling her brand new sample and it's now in our boutique!

And I am in LOVE! It's one of those dresses where I wish I would have gotten in sooner....you know, maybe for my own personal nuptials! It's sleek, sexy, & traditional....all at the same time!  

The gown ~ Alfred Angelo [style 850] Point d' Esprit, Re-embroidered Lace with Metallic Accents, Satin Flowers, Crystal Beading, Rhinestones & Pearls, Chapel Train
Other available options: Self-Color Lining & Lace-up Back, Spaghetti Straps
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Our boutique sample is a size 16, with zip-up back, and has the self-color lining in Ivory with metallic accents.

Here is a picture of the gown straight from the catalog: 
[this gown is so new it's not even out in stores or on their website yet!]

Shown without the self-color lining.... the flirty version!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A gorgeously detailed gown at only $1,649