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I certainly didn't get through this year on my own, and I've been meaning to do a round of thank yous ever since our anniversary in November . . .

First and foremost - our Brides! They are exquisite in their search for finding 'the dress' . . . and we're so glad that they can find that in Something Blue! We look forward to collecting more pictures & testimonials from our now married Brides & hope the best for all the upcoming weddings of our Brides in 2011! We wouldn't be here if it weren't for all of you . . . and we thank you for that!

I also have to thank my now suite-mate {Kel Leigh of Coale Design Co.} for allowing us to take over the full space at Two Fifteen [A] and letting us share in the process of creating a new space for yourself along with all the day-to-day adventures of being women in our own businesses!

With our dresses & her photography & design skills . . . how can a Bride go wrong!?

My husband. My loving, devoted, sweet husband. Up for anything . . . and all my long talks about the ongoings of appointments & future plans. You have been the ultimate support for letting me go out on a whim and chase after dreams!

Our family & friends - for the business talks, custom racks & painting, and the encouragement to keep it up! A support network is crucial in any young business and I'm so glad that we have family & friends that are willing to pop in for support of an event, see new changes, model in the front windows, change out all the hangers . . . it all means so very much!

And to all our vendors that help keep our racks filled with gorgeous gowns & beautiful accessories - thank you for entrusting me with your goods in hopes of them finding 'their bride!'

Thank you for this wonderful year of firsts & I can't wait to see what a whirlwind 2011 is!


Love, Nicole

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  1. awww, i feel the same way! very lucky to be where we're at sharing the fun [and craziness] of owning small businesses! love ya!