Hitched In Holly

"The only thing we can count on in life is change"... a favorite saying of one of my Grandmothers, or as my Dad likes to say "If your business isn't changing, it's dying." I don't think I've ever had to stand by these words or live up to them as much as I have this past year.

Sometimes the lines get blurred on when I actually started Something Blue... Kel Leigh let me have a Homecoming Dress Sale in her studio on September 19th of last year...and then I had my Grand Opening in November during Downtown Holly's Ladies Night Out...so it's kinda been a year you could say...but for some reason November just feels more official. And with another Ladies Night Out coming up this November - I say let's celebrate!

So, how are we going to celebrate you ask!? Well...how 'bout with a FREE Bridal Show! It's not as if there's not already hundreds of ladies Downtown during a Ladies Night Out in Holly {almost 400 ladies in May - among the sleet & rain!} ...so why not add a few Brides to the mix!?

Join us for 'Hitched in Holly', a mini bridal show inside Something Blue that night!

Our main feature will be LIVE MANNEQUINS in our new line from Alfred Angelo! You heard me!! We will now be carrying a small line from Alfred Angelo! It's just the natural progression of the boutique and we're excited to bring you 10 brand new gowns to choose from! We will have 2 or 3 special ladies dressed to the 9 and posing live in our boutique windows as the ladies pass by! {How fun is that!?}

Also that night 'Rock the Booth' will be participating with us! They have offered to set up shop in our boutique to bring you a fun little take away from the night! Brides & guests will be happy to experience Rock the Booth as great entertainment and favor option for their wedding receptions!

AND, Brides-to-Be & Current Brides {brides of Something Blue that have not had their wedding date or alterations done to their gown as of Novemeber 12th} Can enter to win $250 towards a new gown purchase or towards alterations and jewelry!
*Must enter in person the night of event.

We have a couple more vendors in the works and will notify you as soon as they are for sure locked down!

Okay...okay....enough with the Bridal Show...I'm sure you want to know what gowns we will be getting in! So wait no more...

The 8 pictures grouped here at the top should be here in a matter of weeks!!

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And these bottom two {quickly taken with my phone's camera} should be here by the end of the year from Alfred Angelo's 2011 line!

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Trust us... there's more where this came from! Stay tuned for all the details!

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