{Friday Fitness} Ethos Yoga {Something Blue Bridal Boutique, Holly Michigan}

Ethos Center for Yoga and Therapeutic Arts is a place that I don't find myself often enough.. but when I do, something almost supernatural happens. I always leave with a great burning sweat, a sense of accomplishment, and more often than not, some good music that I download as soon as I get home. There's nothing like good flow with beating music and sounding breaths!

After booking our wedding photographer, Kel Leigh Coale Photography & Design, in Downtown Holly last spring, I noticed Ethos Yoga Studio and have recommended it highly ever since...And now I'd like to add them as our fitness feature for Friday! If you're looking for a complete body work out, a stress reliever, and a soul enhancer... then you need to visit Ethos! Especially if you are in the midst of wedding planning!!! FIRST TIMERS GET A WEEK FREE! Just go try it!!!

I love this picture taken by Kel Leigh Coale Photography & Design... Showing a full class led by Kathryn Nicolai, owner, in all her glory! They look so peaceful in shavasana!

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