you've got the love.

When I got my new computer and transferred iTunes, it only transferred songs I had purchased from iTunes...not songs I had put on from cd's. Knowing that I would be traveling this weekend I figured I better update thee ol' iPod...and much to my surprise...I've been missing out on some of my favorite cd's! One in particular... Florence + The Machine. I can't believe that it's been a year since I bought their latest cd and that I've neglected my ears from such a voice! {However, I believe Kel Leigh has a song or so of theirs that I can tune into when she plays her iPod in the studio... I can't believe it didn't prompt me sooner!}

And so this weekend my brother Jason joins me as I make the travels northbound to our grandparents cabin...iPod prepared and all. Unfortunately Mike has to work this will be our first time apart since we've been married...and I'm not looking forward to that part at all.

And since Mike's been more of a husband than I could have ever asked for...always there, always kind, always loving...I leave you all with Florence + The Machine's 'You've got the love'.... well, because he's got the love, the love to get me through...

Have a fabulous weekend!

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