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I was excited to see one of our Brides, Tammy, come in last night with her friend and sister to check out the new Bridesmaids dresses!

I loved working with Tammy to help her find the perfect dress...her first appointment was fun and she tried on many great dresses...however...I didn't see 'the face' know, the one that says, 'this is the one'. So I told her to hold off making decisions and that I would be getting some dresses within the next week and would keep her in mind as I picked them out. And sure enough... the one I brought home with her in mind was exactly what she was looking for....perfect for her castle wedding!

So of course I am happy to help her find the perfect dresses to go along with her gorgeous dress...{one a lot of you had commented on, Maggie Sottero's "McCall"}...and her unique location!

The runners up are...{pictured below}

Actually the first one is the bridesmaid dress that my girls wore in our wedding! I happened to visit my Maid of Honor this weekend and stole the dress back to use as a sample...and good thing I did! I pulled a picture from our wedding of her in the dress to show it in action...we loved the vintage feel of the charcoal and the subtleties of the ruched chiffon!

The second and third choices they liked because they could possibly go together and she could let all her girls pick which dress they liked best for them!


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However...I didn't think that there would be a wedding gown sale on the horizon!

I had just picked up said wedding dress on Monday morning and had just taken my own photos of the dress {since I couldn't find any decent stock photos of it online.} The dress itself I contemplated getting because its so different...but I did just watch an episode of 'Say Yes to the Dress' which featured a dress pretty similar to I figured, why not! It's a show stopper, so it was only fitting on a mannequin...which usually does the dresses so much more justice than on the hanger!

{Here's some before pictures I had taken of the dress}

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Sara, Tammy's sister and bridesmaid, immediately knew she had to try it on! Her wedding is only a month a way...but sometimes you just know when somethings meant for you! It's a dress that not everyone can wear...but she wore it well! Well enough that it was decided that it would become her second wedding dress! Tammy had a good point; that she'd be thinking about that dress the whole time at the wedding if she didn't buy it!

So she will wear her original dress for the ceremony, family pictures and first dances...and then when the real party is about to get started...she will make an appearance in this hot gown! Our seamstress came in on the spot {she's just awesome like that!} and hemmed the dress to the needed length and to mark where to take the train off to make it all floor length {taking the train off will be less money and of better convince for Sara instead of bustling, since it's a party dress}

If I could have rocked a dress like this, I would have gotten a second one too!

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These girls are too fun! {We even talked about them being 'live mannequins' at our next Ladies Night Out in the fall! I'm honored that I was able to help sisters in their dream gown quests as well as helping make Tammy's Bridesmaids beautiful! Can't wait to see what Bridesmaids dresses she chooses...and of course...for pictures of them all done up on their big days!

Photo Credit: Kel Leigh Coale Photography & Design...&...Forever Yours Bridals

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