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I always found this fascinating for some reason, the history of bridesmaids. It seems they were more of a 'protector' than a task taker. 

"While in modern times a bridesmaid is expected to assist with anything the bride requests or needs, apparently her duties were of a more serious, if not at least supernatural, nature in earlier days. A custom once existed where maidens dressed similarly to the bride would accompany her as her protectors on her way to the groom's village. This would deflect spurned suitors from kidnapping the bride or from stealing her dowry {money brought to the marriage.} Roman law once required witnesses to come to weddings in order to confuse evil spirits as to the identity of the bride and groom. This meant that female wedding attendants came to a marriage ceremony in garments akin to the bride's, while male wedding attendants--the forebears of ushers--wore attire that resembled the groom's own clothing. This supposedly threw off bad luck that could be directed towards an easily identifiable bride and groom."

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And of course, bridesmaids still wear white today. It makes for a light & fresh color palette! It allows for florals to really pop & can make for a cute summer dress afterwards! I'm sure it's not what most expected to see at the Royal Wedding - but really, what other color would she have done? With so many vibrant dominant colors of that day I feel she would have clashed . . . and I honestly don't think she took away from the Bride. She wore the dress extremely well . . . but no one could out do Kate that day!

Just make sure that if you do have your Maids in white that you are easily identifiable. Whether it be that the bride is the only one in a floor length gown . . . or the only one with statement jewelry . . . dyed shoes . . . or something of the like. 

I have a pretty good idea who I think is the bride in this photo, but there's enough going on & similarities to make you go 'hmmmmmmmmmm'. . .

In this wedding you're only able to tell who the bride is with that - uh - thing on her head . . .
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But I defintly think it could be done right!! 

Mix up fabrics & prints . . . maybe the lightest shades of champagnes, yellows & pinks possible  so that in the bright sunlight they look almost white!


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