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WeddingWire asked us to share our top three pieces of advice to brides who are gown shopping. 

What do we wish brides knew before stepping foot in your salon & what pieces of information do I feel like I'm sharing with brides over & over again?


1} Be VERY open to styles outside of your comfort zone. All too often I hear "I DO NOT want lace" -or- "NO big princess gowns for me!" . . . But I always try to advise that we wait to judge the fabric or cut until it's on your actual body. Sometimes it's more about how a gown feels once it's on as opposed to what makes up the gown. If you feel sexy & ready to walk down the aisle, then a style that once made you apprehensive may be just the ticket!
2} Listen to YOUR gut. It can be very overwhelming hearing what your entourage thinks about every little detail of each gown you try on. What one friend might dislike about a gown might be the one thing you really love! Often I see brides start to doubt their selection. I never want a bride slipping into her gown on her wedding day and still thinking about another gown that was really for her.

3} Don't put your gown at the bottom of your budget. I hear a lot . . . "We've already paid for the venue & catering & we're running out of budget . . . besides, I'm only wearing it for a couple hours!" While it is a few hours that can go by very quickly, your venue & food are also fleeting. All eyes will be on the happy couple & your gown all evening . . . and don't forget that your wedding photos will last a lifetime! Make sure you're in "the gown" that you'll love looking back on time & time again!

What's some advice you've learned along the way? 

Please share by commenting below & we will share on Facebook! 


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