Rock the Booth.

If you want to do something entertaining that has long lasting memories for your wedding {or any event for that matter}...Rock the Booth is it!

The recently married {and recently blogged about} Erica & Chris Larson themed a majority of their wedding around the photo booth! From their photo booth inspired Save-the-Dates, to the seating cards, favors and guest book...they all incorporated the photo strip!

As you walked in to their reception you were met with a table full of photo strip frames standing tall and proud...each frame had the guests names and table number on them, along with instructions for using the photo booth.

After visiting the incriminating photo booth, and did everything from normal and cute to crazy and anxiously wait for your photo strip to be printed! As soon as your strip prints out you can slide it right into the frame that was your seating assignment...and now you have your favor!

But wait! It doesn't end there! A second strip also prints out for the "Rockstar Staff" to scrap for you! Each strip gets strategically placed on a blank scrapbook page, you sign underneath...and magic! have your Guest Book! As each page fills up, the staff embellishes the page and slides it into the at the end of the night you have a fully finished guest scrapbook! How fun is that!? It's not a stuffy book filled with cheesy congratulations... it's a book that you'll want to open again and again...and be entertained!

Money well spent....and let's just say...we're still laughing about it!

Here is the lovely couple!

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All the Bridesmaids with the Bride!

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And Mike & I!

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Let's just say Mike rocked it on the last two frames.... "HOW WILL YOU ROCK THE BOOTH!?"

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