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Love this wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes this morning!

Rustic has dug it's heels into bridal fashion and isn't going anywhere soon!

Of course I love the use of cars in weddings! They have usually been in the family a while 
& have carried you to fun filled destinations!
outdoor wedding ceremony

I also love the quaint location, the romantically strung lighting, the simple table scape, and the selection of records. 
Music is another big influence on a couples big day! 
record player cake table

[All the records kind of remind me of my best friends childhood home. Johnnie's mom always had the more current version of record playing - cds - filling the house. You never knew what was going to playing when you walked in . . . one day the couch might have been pulled in front of the fire playing something soft or empowering like k d lang, or maybe the table was set for dinner & something jazzy was in the background - or my favorite, you just never knew when a dance party was going to break out!]

Obviously this couple made their wedding very near & dear to their heart . . .
. . . and isn't that what is all about!?

For the full post & more pictures from this wedding, please click {here}

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