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Whenever I get a package around here I hardly ever know what it is for - Alfred Angelo is always sending me promotional items & signs, there's my random ebay purchases . . . and then there is this little package - sent from one of my most recent Brides, Lauren! 

I never think of my work as a job, I never see a Bride as a 'sale', and I genuinely love what I do! So I was caught off guard when Lauren sent me a 'sweet' little package! A heartfelt card & my favorite - brownies {how did she know I had a sweet tooth!?}  

"Nicole, Just a note to say thank you & it was great meeting you! Your store is beautiful and I love your personality - you made an amazing first impression. I'm very excited that I found my dress in such a short amount of time - and your attention to detail is what made it happen!"

Thank you Lauren! The pleasure was all mine!

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