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What's black and white and Chanel all over!? 

This Chanel themed wedding inspiration by Style Unveiled is!

At the requests of the authors, we were instructed to only use one photo {or I supposed one photo cluster - as they all copied together} 
. . . so I choose the one below . . . 
When I saw the use of the pearls elegantly draped on the back of the chiavari chair with that chunky piece of black fabric I thought . . . 
GENIOUS! So simple, yet so classy!  

And what does Chanel teach us!? 

"A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous" ~Coco Chanel

Believe me, you'll want to check out the rest of this post! The funky bouquets, the use of pearls as both statement pieces &
 triumphant decoration, the understated hue of pink, AND THE CAKE! 

See what I'm talking about by clicking HERE

Chanel Themed Wedding


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