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As soon as someone mentioned to me that Princess Diana’s wedding gown was making an appearance in Grand Rapids, MI - 
I knew I had to see it! Not only have I been to the church in which she wed - but being in the bridal industry - 
I just thought it was a must!  

And it was everything that I hoped it would be. Elegantly understated. Modest. Fit for a Princess.  

Worth the two hour drive. 

It wasn’t before traveling through rooms filled with everything from her birth to her unfortunate death, 
mementos of a life that couldn’t be more celebrated, that I got to see what I came for - 
at which moment I was literally taken aback as I turned the corner to the room that held ‘the dress’.

I have to admit - we weren’t technically aloud to take pictures. But I just couldn’t help myself. 
With the flash turned off on my camera phone, slightly hidden behind my pamphlet - I was able to take these few quick shots. 

. . . which do not do the gown justice . . .

This is a dress that belonged to a moment that just about every female elder I know woke up extra early to witness - and here it was in front of me - so significant. 

I read a lot of factoids while at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and have since enjoyed looking up more information online. Here is how ehow.com describes the significance of her gown:  

"Princess Diana's wedding gown might be considered one of the most famous celebrity wedding dresses of all times. 
When Princess Diana wore the gown during her 1981 wedding to Prince Charles, she set a trend for 1980s wedding attire. 
The style of the dress came to be known as meringue. It was just one step in the path that made her one of the leading fashion icons of her day."
I can't fully describe what it was like to not only see the actual gown that she wore - along with one of many flower girls dresses, her earrings, the crown, umbrella & shoes - it was a little overwhelming as I spun around in a room filled with wedding day videos & over sized wedding portraits. 

But beyond the dress & the fashion there was so much more to be celebrated, and it was a nice reminder of a life lived with compassion. I don't think there will quite be another like her . . . however, I think Kate Middleton will step nicely into her shoes. We're in the home stretch now to see what the new Princess will wear - maybe one day I'll be taking my daughters to see Kate's gown. Will you be waking up to watch the Royal Wedding!? 

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding ceremony is scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London, England, which means it will begins at these times around the world:

4 a.m. in Los Angeles
6 a.m. in New York
12 noon in Paris
2 p.m. in Abu Dhabi
6 p.m. in Hong Kong
8 p.m. in Sydney

The ceremony will likely last around an hour.

I'm particularly excited to wake up extra early to watch the event, especially after just seeing Diana's gown
 . . . and I will have just celebrated my own 1 year anniversary with my husband! {on the 24th}

Just for fun, here are some pictures of St. Paul's Cathedral, where Diana & Charles' wedding took place - and Westminster Abbey, where William & Kate will wed - from when I visited Europe with friends back in 2007. 

Stay tuned for a compiled post of Kate's wedding gown coverage & all things Royal!


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