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I love when I'm totally looking for one type of inspiration & stumble across another. My searches were originally geared towards all the ways you could use twine for do-it-yourself weddings . . . and then I saw this Black & White inspiration board that I thought I would share.

I love the non-traditional wedding cake - how easy & fun to make a cake like shape out of your favorite cookie!? The black bird-cage style veil that is shown is very popular right now! I get a lot of requests for this style for both Brides & Maids . . . it's a great way to add some contrast & edge. I love the boutonniere made out of curled music paper - how chic & simple. Could be a music page from your favorite artist! And can't pass up dark flowers against the whites & ivories of a wedding gown . . . and some of my other favorites, chalkboards, chandeliers, and the cuteness of typing a little love note to the couple as you leave the reception on an old school type writer!


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