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So much has gone on this last week & it's at times such as these that I find myself fortunate to be able to step away from the bridal world demands & take time for friends & family! 

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting with my cousin, Danielle, & her husband, Russ, & their children, who I just call my niece & nephew, Natalie & Joey, while they were up in Michigan! I met with them for breakfast & got to hear all about their daily lives down in Cincinnati & then went back over after dinner for a 'tea party' & princess movies with Natalie! And the last time I saw Joey he was just starting to pick himself up & now he's running all around! 

This week also brought my other Danielle in to town from Arizona - on a more unfortunate event - the passing of her Grandfather. This man was at every single one of our dance competitions & recitals growing up & was known as a sweet ol' jokester! It was a very emotional day watching her family speak of a man well loved, but a great celebration of his life. It's not the circumstances that I want a friend to come home on, but I was glad to be there throughout the day with Danielle & toast a glass of wine in 'Gramps' honor when the day was done. 

And as the circle of life goes, as one passes, one joins us in the world this week - Congratulations to our friends Samantha & Ryan on the birth of Knox! He was born early this morning at 1:44a.m. and weighed 6 lbs 10 oz! He was perfectly intact & they had an easy pregnancy! Colleen & I went out to meet him this morning after our breakfast with friend, Darcie! It was fun to ogle over him & bask in the glow of newness! 

Take a look for yourself . . . SO CUTE!! 

I can't believe it was just about a month ago that I was taking some maternity pictures of Sam {that we displayed at her shower!} 
I am by no means a photographer, but was happy to help her capture the essence of her pregnancy!

It's been an endowed week of family & friends!! 
And next week brings a little newness of our own as we will begin to move into our new space on the 1st! 
Stay tuned for moving mania! 


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