Be Inspired. {Something Blue Bridal Boutique, Holly Michiagan}

Okay. So the honeymoon may be over and now I'm definitely in the nesting stage! Constantly inspired by DIY home projects...{that I usually never do}...this one actually let me use a skill I can do! ....Digital!

I love a good quote just as much as the next guy... but these phrases summed up a lot that Mike and I try to do in our daily lives...and acts as a reminder!

A blog that I was following showed this big drawn out project on how she took some phrases, printed them out, pasted them on a canvas, painted over them, removed them, glossed them...and on and on... but I choose digital as an easier solution!

I was happy when I finished the creation and happier that I sent it in and had it in my hands! But now it's stuck on my fridge! Looking forward to the weekend to either frame it or mat it or what have you...and maybe start a new project :)

Picture on the right is the inspiration, picture on left is my adaptation....

Want your own copy!? Just let us know! Only $19 for the print!

We can always make it say something different too!

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