Memory Makers {Something Blue Bridal Boutique, Downtown Holly Michigan}

I actually inspired myself a little while blogging yesterday. As I hope to give all you Brides and followers a little inspiration here and there, I was surprised that I was taking a dose of my own post! As I typed out my favorite lyric from 'Swing Life Away' I realized that I found the quote I was looking for to spruce up the space over our bed! A little love quote as you fall asleep and wake up next to the one you love never hurt anyone!

And my girlfriends just started their own little business that can help me with just that....Memroy Makers!

So far they've gone crazy with their Cricut machine making scrapbooks, birthday cards and invites, bridal shower name it! A few weeks before my wedding I had seen a picture of a love quote banner strung from tree limb to tree limb in a couples outdoor wedding ceremony... and I thought, what a perfect way to include one of our favorite quotes into our day! Colleen and I found the perfect solution to making our banner...vinyl! {I'm not the best with paint, so I knew if I tried to paint the words on I would eventually spill ad splatter!} The vinyl works exclusively with the Cricut machine and Colleen was gracious enough to not only let me using her machine - but just went ahead and made it for us! It turned out just as we wanted and it is now draped in our home!

And since then she has taken vows from our friend Samantha's wedding and made the perfect wall decor for over their bed! And I think I just may have to do the same with our favorite lyrics! What a perfect way to dress up a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room with cute sayings! I've even been suggesting them to other business owners for wall business logos!

Let's see, I'll take a wall quote for the home, a business logo for the boutique and some pre-made bridal shower/wedding cards please!

They've also really gotten into taking all your personal photos and scraping them for you! Do you have a box of your wedding pictures that need some lovin? Send them to the girls and they will create a beautiful scrapbook just for you! And of course, if you want to supply your own papers and embellishments I have to mention Creative Memories! As a "here and there" consulant for Creative Memories over the years I've really come to love how they stay up on modern scrapbooking! I love some of their new wedding kits!
Be sure to check them out!

Need a great consultant? Contact my Aunt Shannon!

Good luck girls!

Here's some samples of their work!

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