Laboring Love. {Something Blue Bridal Boutique, Downtown Holly, Michigan}

I thought I was safe in the crying department now that the wedding is over. I anticipated balling as I made my way up to Mike at our ceremony...but I was able to keep it together for the most part...nothing a glass of wine can't handle! But I was so scared because most mornings on my way to the boutique I would put on the 'wedding play list' on my iPod and find myself tearing up as I merely thought about the lyrics and how they pertained to Micheal and I.

I thought I was in the clear this morning...but boy was I wrong! I put in a mixed cd {sounds so 1990s} appropriately named 'Love Mix' that I made for and stole back from Mike...It was full of first dance song choices for our wedding...and on came 'Swing Life Away' by Rise Against....*tear*

"if love is a labor....i'll slave til the end"

We ended up dancing our first dance to Coldplay's 'Yellow'... another song full of great lyrics....and it was even more special because I also walked down the isle to 'Yellow', just in the form of The Vitamin String Quartet! Double dose of a great song!

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